How to make a quick makeover of the kitchen, when on a budget?

The best way to change the look of your kitchen without spending a fortune on instilling the new one is by painting the fronts of the cupboards. Such a small effort but can really improve look and
as well character of the kitchen.

Therefore if you get bored of the present look of your cabinets and are wondering how to renovate your kitchen furniture and you cannot afford a new equipment, simply paint the old one. Painting kitchen furniture is quite time consuming, but certainly the finish result will make the effort paid off. You will be satisfied with the result.

In order to achieve lasting effect of the renovating old furniture, they should be properly prepared. First of all the cabinets should be thoroughly cleaned and washed and degrease then take off the top layer. For this purpose, it is best to use a sanding machine with a 100 thick sandpaper. If there are any defects in the wood, fill it with woodfiller and after it is dry rub excessive amount of it.

We have to paint the furniture with a primer that will keep the paint from sticking to the surface. We should start applying the undercoat from the inside. When it will dry then we can apply paint into the second side.

When the undercoat is completely dry we need to smooth the surface. We should done this by using sandpaper 220 thick. Any refraction on the front of the cabinets is better to smooth by hand, to a larger surface a grinder will be required. Then we clean our dust and dust cabinets with a vacuum cleaner and wipe with an antistatic cloth. If the surface is not perfectly smooth we should repeat those steps…

Does not matter from which material we have the kitchen furniture made off, as new days we have variety of different paints for each of the following materials: wood furniture, aluminium, or made from plastic as well.

We need to remember before buying a product to actually do the painting on kitchen furniture, that paint needs to stay for long period of time on them. So we need to choose carefully and the best with some advice from the experts to make sure that after a few years of using of the cabinets this paint will do not spit out and did not rub.

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